Week-end Walk – Vouga River

 We are walkers. We spend a lot of time outdoors and unless it´s raining we go for a walk at the week-end.
Long ones, short ones, up in the hills or in the woods.
And now, you can come for a walk with us, too. We are going to start with an easy one. It is quite short, 1,5 hours maximum, and flat. It is along the Vouga river that  runs almost half way between Porto and Coimbra and ends up in the Atlantic Ocean. The bit where we are going is between Oliveira de Frades and Vouzela.  We will start at the other side of the bridge.

There are places where the water is quite shallow and you can cross over using the stepping stones.

Great fun it is, too!

But the river is not always this low, only during the Summer period and at the beginning of Autumn. During this time there are quite a few dragonflies.

 As I said earlier, it is only a short walk, today. Next week-end it will be longer!


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