Classical Lines

The title might suggest that this post will be about fashion. It won´t be. It is more about how things change by time and how much they develop and become more practical. However, it doesn´t mean that the old style is not good or useful anymore. 

Let´s take these bibs as an example.

They are the old fashioned, tie it up at the back, type. You can get much practical ones these days. Ones with velcro or a pop up button or even ones that you can just pull over your child’s head and it will cover the whole front of the dress. No more unwashable  stains on toddlers clothes!
But what about the new born/few months old babies? They don´t need the velcro, pop up button or pull it over bib! They need the old fashioned ones! Babies when very young don´t wiggle and eat as messily as when they are older. They don´t like being moved around to secure the velcro or being dressed and undressed. And that is when the old fashioned bib comes handy.

You just tuck it under the baby´s chin when you breast or bottle feed and it gives enough protection for any milk spillage. You don´t even need to tie it up. 
And once your baby is older and you do need a really practical and useful “cover the hole front bib” for feeding, these old fashioned ones can still come handy. They are great for teething toddlers who drool and dribble constantly. You can even us it as an accessory. A funky little bib would dress up a plain white baby bodysuit

or compliment one with a design.


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