… when I was a semi-active blogger, to my big surprise, my blog received from Maryanne at Woolhogs the One Lovely Blog Award. This award comes with the responsibility of nominating 15 other blogs/bloggers for the award.

Although Marianne very kindly said that I don’t really have to pass the award on, can just sit back and enjoy it, I must confess I collapsed under the weight of responsibility and quit blogging. I am more of a printed paper person when it comes to reading and although I do read blogs from time to time, there is only one that I check out regularly. After 18 months though, I got my act together and decided to pick up where I left and share my work and finds  with the world and when I have the 15 blogs on my list I pass on the award. …. but until then I take Maryanne’s advice and just sit back and enjoy it.



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