Shop Forecast – Pigs

We are a piglet family and we are not ashamed of  that.
Our family is made up by five people/pigs; Mummy and Daddy pigs and the three little piglets. Just like in the story. The piglets eat just like the pigs sometimes and their room is just as untidy as a pigsty. They make their clothes very dirty from time to time – especially the youngest one – and they love being outside walking and turning up stones looking for interesting bugs or fossils.
Did you know that pigs, when kept properly and given them enough space, are actually quite clean animals? – Oh, but they roll in the mud and are always smelly! – I can hear you saying.
– Well, dogs,  hippos, elefantes and all sorts of other animals roll in the mud, too and nobody considers them particularly dirty animals. What hippos and elefants and other animals don´t do is to mark an area that they use as a toilet and go back there any time they need to have a poo or a pee.
And did you know that a pig is as highly intelligent as a dog is? They can be trained easily and their sense of smell just as refined and sensitive as dogs’. That is why they are used for mushroom picking. I’m pretty convinced that if their body structure were different they would be used for hunting and if their meet was less tasty than they would have a completely different life now. 
All in all, a pig´s IQ is pretty much as high as a dog´s  – it´s scientifically  proved.It´s just their cleverness cover different areas. And that is why we are a pig family.


9 thoughts on “Shop Forecast – Pigs

  1. AmyandPia

    We aren't a pig family – our family is a family of messy dirty humans. I don't suppose any self-respecting pig would even come into our human-sty of a house!


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