Week-End Walk – Alvorge, Outeiro Mills

It has been raining all night and the best part of the morning. We are leaving after lunch and will go just for another short, 6-7 kms walk to get home before dark. We´ll go to the nearest hills, called “Serra de Sicó” and will start at the edge of the village “Alvorge” to gently climb up and see the Outeiro Mills.
The path goes between lands of olive groves …

… and leads through woodland.

The woodland turns into farmland again, with bare olive trees…

… and little old farmhouses with the threshing floors where they used to spread the crop to beat the seeds out.

Once we pass the farm land we start climbing. The vegetation changes. Farmland turns into rocky surface with gorse bushes and heather. And once we get to the top we see the wooden windmills.

They have two stone wheels but fixed in the middle to the ground.

They run on stone rails so you can always turn the whole mill towards the wind.

The rain is coming in again, so it is time to head home. As you walk, look out for interesting finds. The paths are often marked by shepards with stones or well, whatever comes handy.


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