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Christmas & New Year Sale


To celebrate Christmas and New Year, there is a sale  going on in the shop till the end of 2014 !

Great opportunity to get some fun dress up costumes and masks not just for the children for Christmas but for yourself for Carnival! – Just use the coupon code XmasNewYear2014 at the check out to get your 15% discount on any of the items available in the shop.


Christmas Guide

Christmas Guide by Paper Whispers.

This fabulous magazine is full of hand-made gift ideas from all over Europe. There are ideas for animal and nature lovers, for bohemians, for the elegant and sophisticated, for the cozy and warm nest builder, for the little ones and slightly bigger ones and, of course, for the guys.

Have fun browsing!

Surprise Feature – ParentMap Magazine

Last week I got a surprise e-mail saying that my fox mask is being featured in the March issue of the  ParentMap Magazine.

ParentMap is an online magazine – as the name suggests – for parents. This award winning magazine has articles on pregnancy and new born babies, health and developments, children´s education and activities for the family, amongst others.

In this article 15 eco-friendly toys were chosen from the online shopping centre  Etsy.  Amongst the shops that were represented by their products – and I really like their work –  were

Dagmar´s Design


Imagination Kids

and Bannor Toys

Owls – Shop Forecast

I was, and still am, always fascinated by owls.

When I was little it was because of a cartoon that was on the telly on Saturday afternoons.

Later, when I was a bit older, I was fascinated by their expressionless poker face that I thought was only typical of owls. However, when I had my pet chicken, I had to realize that she was just as poker faced (with due respect to owls) as owls are. In fact, most of birds are expressionless to a certain extend.

It was just when I started to work in the Zoo as a helper, that I realized why I was fascinated by them. It is the combination of being able to turn their head/neck up to 270º, their flat face and the circular feathers around their large eyes. When I look into them, I can switch off and get lost for a minute.

Well, as I said earlier, this fascination is still there, and probably that is why the first toy I made was an owl. It turned out that not I´m the only one who likes them. In local fairs their sell well and I sold a couple of them in one of my shops, too.

There is another craft fair I am going to participate in this week-end and I´ve been busy making them as toys

and as applique design on baby bodysuits.

I´m hoping to sell them as sets, too.