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New in The Shop – Red Cardinal Costume

redcardinalbirdcostumekidschildrenhalloweenbhbkidstyleRed cardinals are beautiful birds and they are always associated with winter and Christmas.

This red cardinal costume was originally made as a custom order for a Christmas play last year. Since then I received several enquiries and orders so I put it in the shop and now it is available as a costume set but also separately just the mask and the wings.


A Perfect Friend

Amigurumi crocheted bear

These little soft animals make a perfect friend to comfort a child.  They are cuddly, adorable and portable. They can fit in a pocket or in a small bag to be at hand when your little one needs cheering up or entertaining.

Amigurumi crocheted bunny

Amigurumi crocheted cat

There is a wide selection of these amigurumi crocheted friends at CrochAndi‘s.



In the works… Baby Shoes



I have been racking my brain what to do with the felt off cuts that I have. I think I have found the solution. Baby shoes.

I am not sure I feel comfortable with the idea of dressing babies up for Halloween or any other fun occasion. I am not entirely convinced that it is comfortable for them. However, I feel they should be included in the fun. With animal themed baby shoes, they can be dressed up and be comfortable.  More to the point, the shoes  will fit in my shop with all the other dressing  up accessories.

This pair of lion booties are the first pair I made. They have to be test drived and probably altered a bit before I start making them and other ones in batches.





Forest Animal Masks

My forest animal mask collection that already includes an owl, a rabbit, a brown bear and a  fox cub, has two new addition.

A wolf that could come with a tail, too…

…  and a distinguished looking fox

with a tail.

There is still the  European Red Squirrel and the American Grey Squirrel in the works.

If you have any other forest animals that you would like to see in a mask form, please let me know and I will try to make it.  I like challenges.