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Christmas & New Year Sale


To celebrate Christmas and New Year, there is a sale  going on in the shop till the end of 2014 !

Great opportunity to get some fun dress up costumes and masks not just for the children for Christmas but for yourself for Carnival! – Just use the coupon code XmasNewYear2014 at the check out to get your 15% discount on any of the items available in the shop.


A Perfect Friend

Amigurumi crocheted bear

These little soft animals make a perfect friend to comfort a child.  They are cuddly, adorable and portable. They can fit in a pocket or in a small bag to be at hand when your little one needs cheering up or entertaining.

Amigurumi crocheted bunny

Amigurumi crocheted cat

There is a wide selection of these amigurumi crocheted friends at CrochAndi‘s.



The White Rabbit

This is not the white rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland. It´s my white rabbit.

Never before I had so much trial and error designing a mask. It might have had taken longer than I originally expected but never this long. Not even when I was designing and making the stencil for the stripes of the zebra and tiger masks.

Once I made the rabbit mask, it looked OK but as soon as it was put on, the ears flopped. Well, floppy eared  bunnies are cute in real life but I am not sure about it when it comes to masks.

I discarded the idea of using thin wire or a cocktail sticks to support the ears because I did not think it was safe. I also didn’t like the idea having shorter ears.

Eventually, putting extra padding in the ears in a way that the padding comes down to the forehead, did the trick.