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In the works – The making of Iago

Iago is Jafar’s parrot from Aladdin. I was asked to make one for a school play.


makingiagomakingiago-3makingiago-4makingiago-5makingiago-6makingiago-7There will be one in the shop soon, too.


Fox on a Walk


Just a tail – any kind of animal tail – can make a difference. It does help imaginative play and can be worn  anywhere . Not a full costume but enough to turn a child into … this time …. a fox. This one I found in the museum’s garden.


foxtailwalkchildrenkidsdressupbhbkidstyle-2 foxtailwalkchildrenkidsdressupbhbkidstyle-3 foxtailwalkchildrenkidsdressupbhbkidstyle-4 foxtailwalkchildrenkidsdressupbhbkidstyle-5 foxtailwalkchildrenkidsdressupbhbkidstyle-6