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Christmas & New Year Sale


To celebrate Christmas and New Year, there is a sale  going on in the shop till the end of 2014 !

Great opportunity to get some fun dress up costumes and masks not just for the children for Christmas but for yourself for Carnival! – Just use the coupon code XmasNewYear2014 at the check out to get your 15% discount on any of the items available in the shop.


Christmas Guide

Christmas Guide by Paper Whispers.

This fabulous magazine is full of hand-made gift ideas from all over Europe. There are ideas for animal and nature lovers, for bohemians, for the elegant and sophisticated, for the cozy and warm nest builder, for the little ones and slightly bigger ones and, of course, for the guys.

Have fun browsing!

New in The Shop – Red Cardinal Costume

redcardinalbirdcostumekidschildrenhalloweenbhbkidstyleRed cardinals are beautiful birds and they are always associated with winter and Christmas.

This red cardinal costume was originally made as a custom order for a Christmas play last year. Since then I received several enquiries and orders so I put it in the shop and now it is available as a costume set but also separately just the mask and the wings.

Romanian Cozonac or Hungarian Beigli


Romanian cozonac I believe is the equivalent of the Hungarian beigli which is a traditional sweet bread with filling, made mostly at Christmas and Easter time. In Hungary the traditional filling is either walnut and sultana  or poppy seed and sultana mixture. I never really liked it when I was a kid because I always found the filling too sweet and therefore I never made it.

However, this year, just before Christmas Ioana shared a Romanian cozonac recipe and since almost all the cakes that I made for Christmas were gobbled up buy the morning of Boxing Day, I decided to give it a try and make it. I did not realize at that time that I was actually making beigli – otherwise I probably wouldn’t have started it.

I made only two alterations.

1. I did not use nuts for the filling since several members of my family don’t like it – I know, I know – but used sultanas instead.

2. I did not split the dough into two – I remembered too late to do it – but made one long loaf.

The result: YUMILY SCRUMPTIOUS!  … admittedly it does  not look like the the cozonac  in the blog post but more like a Hungarian beigli.

The pastry cracked just a little bit on the side….

beigli, cozonac

… of which I am very proud of since even my mum never managed to make one with a smaller crack. The first topic of discussion of the women, when doing the Christmas and Easter family visits, were always about analyzing the quality of each other’s beigli. Number of cracks, taste of the filling, dryness of the pastry…

beigli, cozonac,christmas, cooking, baking, food

cozonac, beigli, christmas, cooking, baking, food

Christmas Tree

There are lots of different Christmas trees.

Real or plastic.

Thin or tubby.

Tall or small. 


Sea urchin Christmas tree by Star Home Studio

Crocheted Christmas tree by Fancy Knittlers

Birch wood Christmas tree by Lazer Enterprises

Craft paper Christmas trees by Better Homes and Gardens

Knitter Christmas tree – knitting pattern by The Sitting Tree