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New in The Shop – Red Cardinal Costume

redcardinalbirdcostumekidschildrenhalloweenbhbkidstyleRed cardinals are beautiful birds and they are always associated with winter and Christmas.

This red cardinal costume was originally made as a custom order for a Christmas play last year. Since then I received several enquiries and orders so I put it in the shop and now it is available as a costume set but also separately just the mask and the wings.


New in the Shop – Owl Mask for Adults


Wise as an owl. This owl mask makes a fun teaching aid for nursery teachers and a great Carnival mask for any adults. It is available now in the shop along with other owl masks and costumes for children.

Arara Costume


parrotbirdmaskwingscostumechildrenkidshalloween-2Is this a red arara parrot? No, not really. But it could be. It’s all in the imagination. For children this parrot costume is the perfect substitute to help them become one of these amazing birds.

parrotbirdmaskwingscostumechildrenkidshalloween-3parrot costumekidschildrendressuphalloweenbirdbhbcostumekidschildrendressuphalloweenbirdbhb-4Children usually don’t care much how things should be worn. Hence the wing cape being on the front rather on the back. Never mind, this way older sister can wear a smaller wing set, too.

As for the mask, well, just push it up if you get too hot in the heat of the play.

parrot costumekidschildrendressuphalloweenbirdbhbcostumekidschildrendressuphalloweenbirdbhb-3


Carnival Costumes Part V. – Galah, the Pink Parrot

GalahkidsmaskswingschildrencostumeparrotThis pink and grey parrot costume was inspired by the bird named galah and was designed with the help of a little girl in Australia. It is now available in the shop.

Galahs do live in Australia and occupy most of its territory. They are clever and can learn to speak, sing and imitate different noises.

Product photography: Silent Roses