Arara Costume


parrotbirdmaskwingscostumechildrenkidshalloween-2Is this a red arara parrot? No, not really. But it could be. It’s all in the imagination. For children this parrot costume is the perfect substitute to help them become one of these amazing birds.

parrotbirdmaskwingscostumechildrenkidshalloween-3parrot costumekidschildrendressuphalloweenbirdbhbcostumekidschildrendressuphalloweenbirdbhb-4Children usually don’t care much how things should be worn. Hence the wing cape being on the front rather on the back. Never mind, this way older sister can wear a smaller wing set, too.

As for the mask, well, just push it up if you get too hot in the heat of the play.

parrot costumekidschildrendressuphalloweenbirdbhbcostumekidschildrendressuphalloweenbirdbhb-3



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