Hand-painted Crockery

I love one of  a kind, hand-painted or pottery made mugs and plates. I think they make a wonderful personal special gift. They can be used every day and thus you can always remember the person you got it from.

I live on coffee and I am quite particular about how it is made and what it is served in.  When drinking a good cup of coffee, the shape and size of the mug is almost as important than the precious drink that it contains. And when there is some fun decoration on it, it is even better!

Diana Parkhouse

Personalized tea or coffee mugs for couples

Paint my name

Modern black and white plate with just with a splash of color. Everything is oval on this plate. The painted designs as well as the plate itself.

Zuppa Atelier

Twirly-whirly lines and dots that make up a story on the plate.

Craft Unikat

Inspired by traditional Korean dance.


Rustic, and yet at the same time, elegant mugs.

Sylwia Glass Art

Appetizer plates with red cardinals. They remind me of Japanese plates.

Mary Elizabeth Arts


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