Cartography in the Past

I love vintage finds. For me they represent history. Admittedly just a fragment of it and on a day to day level. But I like to muse over a particular item, trying to guess where it was used, when, by whom –  and sometimes – for what.

My grandfather was a cartographer and probably that´s why I always liked the smell of paper and ink and the love of color. I still have some of his stuff he used to use for his work. Things similar to these:

Desk lamp

Ink blotter

Wax stamp

Mapping Pen Nibs and Nib Holders

Treble Measuring Tape

Vintage compass

Map of Austria-Hungary


3 thoughts on “Cartography in the Past

  1. handmadefuzzy

    love those kind of memories!!! Yesterday I was sitting somewhere waiting on my daughter. I was reading a book and the lady next to me was reading on her iPad….made me smile…yes I am old school.


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