Nautical Party Accessory and Decoration

If you are planning to have a nautical themed party, it is important to have everything to go with the theme: buntings and signs, cake toppers and party favors.

A classical version of the theme is the red, white and blue color theme.

Double sided nautical bunting for indoor or outdoor use. It can be made at any length and pennant size.

Nautical Happy Birthday sign, if the occasion requires it.

These can be on bamboo sticks, as shown in the picture, to be put on a big birthday cake or you can stick them in the loan or sand if the party is outdoor, or anything soft if the party is indoor.

You can also have them sewn onto a white cord to make it into a bunting or you can have them with self adhesive velcro to stick them onto the wall.

Little sailing boats for cake toppers.

They look great on individual cupcakes or as an armada on a big cake.

Once the party is over, they can also be turned into decorations with self-adhesive velcro to be given away as party favors or keep it to decorate the playroom, schoolbags, etc.

Felt nautical party favor bracelets for boys and girls.

For the children to remember this great for a long time!


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