Impulsive Shopping

I am not an impulsive shopper when it comes to buying something for myself. In fact, I´m one of those annoying customers who might go back to the same shop twice or three times before deciding that – actually that particular pair of trousers really don´t suit me and those pair of shoes are not comfortable, after all.

It´s not that I am picky. It´s just usually clothes and shoes don´t fit me properly because of my odd shape and my “between two sizes” sized feet. In short, it is very unusual that I decide on the spot ” I want that one, please”. – Except when it comes to craft supply shopping.  I can buy heaps of interesting looking, colorful, lovely texture or “it might come handy one day” supply materials no problem and without knowing what I am going to use them for.

My latest acquisitions are these lovely, very sturdy 30 cm long bamboo sticks …

… that I have no idea what they were intended to be used for originally, but I use them for making Easter decorations

and Birthday decorations with eco felt letters.

They are great to stick them into the ground outdoor or in the flower pot, polyfoam or any soft object, indoor.


6 thoughts on “Impulsive Shopping

  1. Over the rainbow

    Great post. I love your creative idea with letters.
    And when it comes to shopping for clothes, I am the same. I actually save a fortune, because by the time I decide “OK, I am gonna buy that”, it is usually gone (or at least gone in my size :).


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