Pretend Play and Carnival

Children´s imagination is amazing and from a very young age they like to play “pretend play”. My youngest one is 8 now, but she still constantly has conversations with imaginary people or animals while walking to school, having breakfast or sitting on the loo.  In short, whenever her brain is not busy and she doesn´t have to concentrate on anything.

She also loves pretend plays and likes to dress up for those. And now that she is older, she expects more sophisticated things to aid her plays. That is how the idea of masks came to me. And just at the right time, too.

Carnival is just round the corner, when mums are starting to have a headache how and/or what to create for their children’s carnival outfit. The reason why I really like these masks is because once you have one, to get the rest of the out fit is really easy.

All you need is a pair of leggings/tights or trousers and a long sleeve top or jumper in the matching colours.

A black and white stripy top with black leggings or tights and you have a

Yellow or brown top with the matching tights or leggings to have a

Green top with leggings or tights to become a jumping

And finally but not lastly a big brown woolly jumper with a pair of brown pants will turn anybody into a


2 thoughts on “Pretend Play and Carnival

  1. Sandra

    I love your new carnival collection!
    My son is 4 years old and until last year it does not support carnival costumes, at school all children are masked, except him, we see this year, your masks are so tempting:)


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