For the Advent Calendar

As I said last week, I´ve made the Advent calendars for my children and one for the shops. It turned out to be quite popular in my shop and I am sure it will be with my children as well. Especially if I manage to find the things they like that is not necessarily sweets.

The result of my hunt so far:

My kids have been nagging me for a guinea pig. It would be nice to have one but the problem is what to do with it when we return to my home country for the summer. This cute little fellow might be a good substitute for a short time.

Felt mouse from Atelier Pompadour.The mouse fits into the calendar and  I can give the matchbox bed that comes with it to my youngest one later.

I think I can just about fit Benjamin into one of the little stockings if he cooperates and stops eating cupcakes for a couple of days.

Hair ties for my younger daughter …

… and hair ties for my older daughter.

And of course, hair ties for my son as well, since he has long hair, too!

I will find some more Advent calendar fillers next week.


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