Preparing for Christmas

I must admit, I am not the organised type of person who starts buying presents well before the Christmas rush begins, and who has everything ready in time for Christmas.

I also don´t like the fact that shops start putting up Christmas decorations and pumping out Christmas music in early/middle of November to get people into a Christmas shopping mood. It doesn´t work for me. It is too early and somewhat kills the merry Christmas mood.

Christmas shopping time, in my opinion, should start at the end of November / beginning of December. Just around the time you put up your Advent Calendar and start the count down.

… and this chain of thought made me realise that we don´t have one!!!!!!! Having 3 kids in a house and no Advent Calendar sounds like a crime to me – I thought – so …

…I trotted down to our nearest haberdashery shop and bought some linen,  red felt and red bias tape

… printed out the numbers from 1 to 24 and cut them out to use them as my stencils.

… drew a boot / sock to help me cut the fabrics

… painted the numbers on the linen boot/sock shapes

…. got out the sewing machine and sew everything together

And since I am such a well organised (not) woman, I didn´t make only three of them BUT four. One extra for the shops.

In the next few weeks I will look out for little things to put in my Advent Calendar.


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