JUST MARRIED and other Wedding Banners and Signs

I never thought I would make wedding banners and signs for different use and occasions but I do now. And it is all because of word of mouth.

I was approached by someone, who only knew me by sight but heard about my t-shirt and baby wear painting adventures. She asked me if  I  painted on different kinds of fabrics and if I did letters.

Yes I do.  – was my first answer and ….

Why do you ask? – was my first question.

It turned out that this lady’s friend was getting married and, although she was not involved in organising the wedding, she wanted to surprise the young couple by having a “Just Married” sign on their wedding car. She wanted the banner to be made of fabric, because of a possible rainy day, and she wanted to have the letters in lilac because the wedding color scheme was lilac and cream.

And this is how it started…. what got me thinking, and made me make different kinds of banners, bunting messages and signs.

Some of them are already available in some of my shops and others are still waiting to be listed.


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