Owls – Shop Forecast

I was, and still am, always fascinated by owls.

When I was little it was because of a cartoon that was on the telly on Saturday afternoons.

Later, when I was a bit older, I was fascinated by their expressionless poker face that I thought was only typical of owls. However, when I had my pet chicken, I had to realize that she was just as poker faced (with due respect to owls) as owls are. In fact, most of birds are expressionless to a certain extend.

It was just when I started to work in the Zoo as a helper, that I realized why I was fascinated by them. It is the combination of being able to turn their head/neck up to 270º, their flat face and the circular feathers around their large eyes. When I look into them, I can switch off and get lost for a minute.

Well, as I said earlier, this fascination is still there, and probably that is why the first toy I made was an owl. It turned out that not I´m the only one who likes them. In local fairs their sell well and I sold a couple of them in one of my shops, too.

There is another craft fair I am going to participate in this week-end and I´ve been busy making them as toys

and as applique design on baby bodysuits.

I´m hoping to sell them as sets, too.


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