Found on Friday – Mikulás

Penguins Waiting for Santa by BHB Kidstyle

Mikulás, alias St. Nicholas, is an important day for children in Hungary. On the eve of his nameday, the 6th of Deceber, he goes round to children´s houses and brings them present according to their behaviour. These days the presents vary – it can be toys or books or “just” chocolate and sweets. However, there is the measurement of a child´s good or bad behaviour. If the child was good, then he or she gets only goodies. If the behaviour was not up to the requirements, the presents could include, potatoes, coal or a bunch of twigs.
I´m not going to tell you what my children got. You will have to guess!

Father Chris Mouse by The House of Mouse  

Santa Favour/Gift Box by Faye Hubele

Santa and Jizou Statue by MyCKS

Santa Ornament by Mr. Hudon

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