Food for Thought I.

I´m on a quest to find out why the  number of views my shops get are not higher.
There is the strong possibility that the reason is, what I make is not what the market needs. However, I ‘d rather look into that later and start with the pictures of items. There is room to improve the quality, I´m the first to admit that, but there has to be something else, as well.
It is a well known fact that clothes sell better if they are worn by a model. However, it is not always possible to arrange this. Getting baby clothes modeled, unless you have a baby yourself, is even more difficult, then finding models for kids clothes. There is the option of using a doll but it always looks strange and slightly off putting to me so, I don´t do that. 
The only way I can take pictures of my baby items is just using the items themselves, which leads to four  main options:  spreading them out flat on a surface, folding them up, taking pictures at different angles or hanging them up.

 1: Spreading them out flat on a surface:

2. Folding them up:

3. Taking pictures at different angles:

4. Hanging them up:

Which one of the four would catch your eye and make you click on the picture to get more information of the item?


7 thoughts on “Food for Thought I.

  1. Viltalakim

    I like the last option.Men can see what it is and when hanging on a line you don't need a model:)I have the same problem with my babybooties… no baby's around:(

  2. zsazsazsu

    Different angle and hang them up is cute. Me too I don't have a lot of viewers and most of all repeaters … only about 10 to 20 % new a day … what do repeaters look at ?


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