Found on Friday – Knitted Wear

It is getting colder and colder these days and although Portugal doesn´t see much snow, the temperature can drop down to sub zero, over night . One needs to get the warm clothes out of the wardrobe.

Socks to keep my toes snugly warm outdoors …

Cloudberry hand-knit socks by Varm

… and slipers to keep them warm indoors.

Snowy socks slippers by RGsocks

Something thick and warm that I can just quickly put on when I have a shiver…

Gray, cozy warm mohair capelet by reflectionsbyds

… and light but warm hat and gloves that can easily fit in my coat pockets when all of a sudden the sun comes out and it gets warm.

Chartreuse pompom hat and glove set by By Sween Mom

All I need now is a coat!

Hand-knitted cabled a line coat by Pilland

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