New Theme, New Obsession – Pinguins

If anyone thought looking at my t-shirts that I was obsessed with sheep that wasn´t very far from the truth. 
However, I´m not really obsessed with them. They just amuse me and make me smile. What I´m obsessed with these days is pingvins.
They are funny, and clumsy on land but graceful in the water. They keep warm and look after their little ones in the harshest of harsh condition. They like teasing each other and no matter what an awkward and clumsy situation they end up in, they always try to keep their dignity. And that is why I find them funny.

This is the first of the many more to come baby bodysuits, and later as the weather warms up, t-shirts with different pingvin designs. – I even have the Beatles as pingvins!


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