The Challenge Entires…

This week Iยดm the master of the EST Challenge. The theme is walking, hiking, nature.

The first challenge entry has just arrived. Still crispy and fresh by squeezing itself through cyberspace to get here.

The awakening  is the title of AleciaV‘s entry. I think she managed to capture the first sign of spring.

The second entry is a very cool desert bag for girls by Star Bags.
The third entry is an ingenious fern earring made of glass seed bead by Balanced.
The fourth entry has a real personality. Henry the hiking bunny came here all the way from Sofia’s shop in Finland.  No wonder he is looking so tired!
The fifth entry is a set of pinback buttons with beautiful flowers, called the Lilac Dance by Sole De Vita.
The sixth entry is a really colorful original watercolor by Coloursand Textures called, Azaleas, Isabella-Plantation

The seventh entry was submitted by Stephmel. She took a picture of her mysterious secret garden.

The eighth entry was submitted by Nancy van den Boom.  It is an oil painting that pictures a view that one might see while walking early in the morning.

The ninth entry is a very useful bottle pouch by Lab Space that I would take for a short, perhaps couple of hours afternoon stroll or bird watching, in the local countryside.

The tenth entry is a cute owl clay cameo brooch by Glamasaurus.
The eleventh entry is a very cleverly done  little silver mountain pendant by Donauluft.

The twelfth entry is lovely hair decoration by Alatvian

… and the winner is after lots of head and heart aches:  Henry the hiking bunny by Sofia-Sobeide.


16 thoughts on “The Challenge Entires…

  1. LabSpace

    Oh what a delight to see what my European friends have thought up. I am going to list mine now so that my newest little pouch can join in the fun.

  2. LabSpace

    Well done Sofia. Hiking Henry: GO GO GO! Yes Eva, I too join Nancy in thanking you for hosting the challenge, and going through the agony of having to pick a winner.


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