This Week’s European Street Team Challenge

I´ve just found out that I won the EST Challenge that was hosted by fluxplay. It means I will host this week’s challenge and I decide what the theme is going to be. Well, look at the pictures and  guess!

The theme for this week’s challenge is… walking, hiking, nature!

 The deadline for entering the challenge is the 31st of May 19.00. I’ll announce  the winner at 22.00 GMT.
I’m looking forward to receiving the creative entries! Come, enter and give me a hard time!


16 thoughts on “This Week’s European Street Team Challenge

  1. Sheshanna

    Congratulations! I've been having a little think and hope to have time to make a funky tree baby blanket. The idea's slowly shaping up! Good theme!

  2. LabSpace

    Congratulations on winning, Eva. I like your theme. Only just tracked your theme down now, so I hope I can make something over the weekend. I so love taking part in these challenges.


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