Flying the Kite

It has been sunny this week which couldn´t be said about the previous weeks and months. It´s been very difficult to get out of  the house without getting very wet, so last week-end, when it was very cloudy but no rain, we decided to go for a little walk and fly the kite in the Serra de Sico.
Of course, buy the time we gathered everything and everybody together, it started raining. Never mind – we said – it is raining here but not south of us and we are going there. Well, the clouds were too. It was a race between Huba (our car) and the rain clouds. Huba won.
 When we got out of the car it was not raining, yet, but we were already in the clouds. Never the less we started our little walk with the kite.

 After a bit of walk we managed to overtake the clouds and found a suitable spot to fly the kite. Our cloudless kite flying time did not last for long. Soon we got attacked by clouds raising for the valley beneath us.

Of course we got wet in the end, but we still had a good time.


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