My EST Challange Entry

This week Sabine of La Marquise des Anges is the host of the European Street Team’s Challenge. Sabine’s shop is full of gorgeous tops that are designd and made by her with attention to every detail.

Her theme is “Sense of Touch and Texture”. It is a very tough theme for someone who always works with the same type of material that she does not make but buy. So, I thought – hmmmmmmmmm probably this week I won´t participate.
But then, when I started painting a t-shirt with an Easter egg design, I realised that probably I could do something, after all.
They are two main different types of fabric paint for t-shirts. One of them is for white or very light coloured tees, the other one is for darker coloured ones. The paint for the lighter coloured tees is quite smooth and blends well in the fabric so much, that when touching the painted surfice you can hardly feel the difference.
The paint for coloured t-shirts, however, makes the fabric a bit stiff. (Fortunately this stiffness disappears after the first wash, leaving a more desirable softer touch).
Other little differences in paints (apart from the colours, of course) are the ones that are glitter and shimmer in the light and the ones that have a neon like glowing colour not to mention the 3D type.
The metallic, glittery shimmery type dries very quickly and has a slightly rough touch.
Well, with this knowledge and combination I could enter the Challenge. Now the only difficulty being how to show these slight difference with photographs.  Well, with great difficulty.

White t-shirt for 3/4 years old children with Easter eggs. The eggs are decorated with  traditional Hungarian Easter egg design.

I mixed golden paint with the green one thus giving a slightly rough touch and shimmery look to the grass.

The blue paint is mixed with golden one. Because of the nature of the golden paint – dries fast – the decoration slightly rises from the surface of the egg.
The blue egg, as well as the red one…

… is decorated with pure golden paint. Again, the decoration is slightly risen.


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