Custom Order for an EST Friend II.

Three more t-shirts.
The first one is a the Night Owl that I´ve painted previously in “Size M”. This one is “Size XL” as children´s size go, which is the equivalent of  a unisex “Size M” t-shirt.

Children’s “Size XL” red t-shirt with black bats.

Kids’ “Size M” yellow t-shirt with fern and the stylisied version of the bug Cyaniris xanthaspis.
This lovely colourful bug by the way, just to give a quick biology lesson, lives in the canopy of trees in the woods or the clearings of forests on wild flowers. It can grow up to 5-6.5 mm.

I owe one more t-shirt, with different kind of bugs, but because of the lack of decent light unfortunately those pictures didn´t come out. I´ll try it tomorrow.


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