Spring and Night

Although slowly,  but spring is coming. I believe that is why I was asked to make a colorful daisy flower t-shirt for a 12-year-old girl. This was the first time I made something in this size so, when the ordered t-shirts arrived I was astonished to see how big they were. Almost adult size, I thought and just to fulfill my curiosity I got the tape measure out and measured the “Size L” (for kids aged 11/12) and  “Size XL”(for kids aged 13/14) t-shirts.

“Well, I never!” I thought. It turned out that  the kids “Size L” is the same size as women´s “Size S” and the kids “Size XL” is the equivalent of women´s “Size M”.
Now, I can take orders for women´s t-shirts as well and start making “mother/daughter” collections. Goody!

And to finish if off, here is a night owl for kids aged 9/10.


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