Red babushkas

I got lots of nice feedback from my fellow Etsyan friends yesterday and as I was “talking” to Kim from Viltalakim  she put some more ideas into my head.There is so much you can do with them.  I’m currently in ” babushka world”.

Red babushkas on white t-shirt as Kim suggested it.
Red Valentine Babushkas on white t-shirt.
…and there is more to come! But not just yet! First I have to concentrate on this week’s EST challenge that is hosted by Sabanhnur.

3 thoughts on “Red babushkas

  1. Vilt à la Kim

    wow, Love them!! Make sure you contac me when you have adult sizes, ok?Oh and Red t-shirts with white babuskha's on them??? Good that you mentioned the weekly challenge, I still need to make something for that too…


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