New Year , New…

New year, (almost) new computer, new (looking) blog, new shop, new year’s resolution … and the old me.

And it’s all true. Except for the new year’s resolution. I’m too old to do it and I never was very good at keeping one, anyway. But I have an almost new computer with renewed inside bits which will hopefully help me being able to join in the European Street Team’s Monday Moodboard making fun.
And  I’ve renewed my blog’s look.
AND I’ve opened another shop on Zibbet!   Zibbet is another online store, based in Australia but using American dollar as a shop currency which makes life very easy for those who already have an Etsy shop. If you want to sell the same items in both shops, you don’t have to recalculate the prices.
Zibbet is quite new so, not many sellers have discovered it yet, which has it’s advantages. Just to mention one: when you list an item, it stays on the front page until it gets “bumped” off the page by other listings, which means opportunity for everyone to have an item featured on the front page for a while. It can even be 2 or 3 hours sometimes!
Zibbet offers to different kinds of shop for sellers. One is an ordinary one where you don’t have to pay for having a shop and you don’t have to pay after listing an item and you don’t have to pay commission after the sold items. What you earn, you keep. The only down side of it is that you can have only 25 items in your shop at a time.
The other type of shop is the Premium one – I have that one. You can have it for $ 7/month, you can have as many items in your shop as you want, you don’t pay for listings, you don’t pay commission after the sale and you can have some great tools to buzz up your shop appearance. Just to mention two of my favorites: You can rearrange the items in your shop as you like. They don’t necessarily have to be in the order  you listed them. You have space and widgets to advertise in your shop. For example: your etsy shop, blog, twitter, etc.
Zibbet is offering a good deal for Premium sellers as well as ordinary shop owners. If you have a non-premium shop, you can still try out the Free 7-day trial of a premium account. If you want to join the Premium sellers, its monthly fee now is just $ 7.- instead of  $ 15.- but  you can reduce it even to zero if you recruit some premium sellers. You get $ 1 off per month of your monthly shop fee after each premium seller you have recruited. So, you only have to get 7 sellers to have your shop fee for free!
I must say – me being not a very business minded person – this was not the reason why I opened my shop on Zibbet. I opened it there for two reasons.

  1. I have a feeling that  Zibbet is going to grow very fast and will be BIG soon. I think it is nice to be part of something right from the beginning. 
  2. What I sell is seasonal. You really need warm weather to sell t-shirts just as you need cold weather to sell knit or felted wear. Having one shop on both hemisphere will enable me to sell t-shirts all year round. 

Well, maybe I am a business minded person after all.:) Anyway, if you would like to join Zibbet’s Premium sellers, please contact me.


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