* * * Christmas is Just Round the Corner * * *

I’m not a very organised person – to say the least – when it comes to Christmas shopping. I am one of those few women who don’t like shopping in general  and I like to keep putting it off. So, when it comes to Christmas shopping with a deadline to meet … I start panicking. Like now. Only this time I’m not THAT panicky because “etsy” http://www.etsy.com/, the nr. 1. online shop, is making my life so much easier.
There are numerous lovely shops there with full of wonderful hand made items and lots of them offer some good, last minute Xmas deals.
My shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/BHBKidstyle is in “sale mode” too. You might think that buying t-shirts as a Christmas present is daft. Well, it isn’t really. Wearing one on top of a long-sleeved polo shirt is actually quite trendy. Or so I’m told by my children. 🙂
…Having said all that about shopping, it is time for me to do something about it. I’ll just go and check out the European Street Team shop catalog http://estshopcatalog.blogspot.com/, that contains almost all the “etsy shops” based in Europe.


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