In the works… Baby Shoes



I have been racking my brain what to do with the felt off cuts that I have. I think I have found the solution. Baby shoes.

I am not sure I feel comfortable with the idea of dressing babies up for Halloween or any other fun occasion. I am not entirely convinced that it is comfortable for them. However, I feel they should be included in the fun. With animal themed baby shoes, they can be dressed up and be comfortable.  More to the point, the shoes  will fit in my shop with all the other dressing  up accessories.

This pair of lion booties are the first pair I made. They have to be test drived and probably altered a bit before I start making them and other ones in batches.





Week-end Walk – February in Flower

DasyWinter was very wet but mild. Perhaps that is why everything started blooming at the beginning of February, which is quite early even by Portuguese standards.

DSC_0011The daffodils in the parks …

DSC_0127… the wild flowers…

DSC_0131… and pine trees in the forests…


… the daises in the meadows…

DSC_0015… even the moss on the stone walls. All the plants and flowers started their new life with blooming flowers at the beginning of February.


Carnival Costumes Part V. – Galah, the Pink Parrot

GalahkidsmaskswingschildrencostumeparrotThis pink and grey parrot costume was inspired by the bird named galah and was designed with the help of a little girl in Australia. It is now available in the shop.

Galahs do live in Australia and occupy most of its territory. They are clever and can learn to speak, sing and imitate different noises.

Product photography: Silent Roses


Carnival Masks Part IV. – White Cat


Cat masks are great for adults as well as for children to wear! They are not really gender specific and just a handful of different kinds of felt can provide a wide variety cat types. You can find a black and a white cat for adults as well as for children in my shop but I am happy to use any other colors if you need a custom made one.